Getting Started with Chronic Care Management: Learn More and Sign Up Today

27 Apr 2021 Heart News

If you have Medicare or Medicare supplemental insurance and are a patient at the Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin, you may eligible for our new chronic care management program with ChronicCareIQ.

What is Chronic Care Management?

Chronic care management is a new form of healthcare where Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions can receive non-face-to-face services in-between office visits to help stay more connected with your care team. These programs provide virtual check-ins on a regular basis, helping your doctors monitor your health status, symptoms, and care needs, which helps prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

How Does it Work?

ChronicCareIQ works through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  About once per week – though this can be more or less frequent at your request – you will receive an email or text message containing some simple questions about your health based on your unique cardiovascular chronic condition. These questions are specifically selected by your physician to give us a better picture of your current health. Simply answer the questions when prompted to help keep your care team updated on your health status. Your team will monitor your responses and call you to discuss any concerning trends.

What Are the Benefits of Chronic Care Management?

Chronic care management services through ChronicCareIQ help us stay better connected with our patients in-between doctor visits so we can help you avoid costly visits to the emergency room or hospitalizations whenever possible. Benefits include:

  • Proactive monitoring to help identify warning signs early
  • Convenient contact in-between office visits with our dedicated care teams to help you manage your conditions
  • You will receive a customized care plan, created to meet your health goals
  • The program is simple to use
  • And more

Does it Cost Anything?

In some cases, a small monthly copay may apply to these services ($8-10). If cost becomes a concern you can discontinue participation at any time.

How Do You Sign Up?

Because only Medicare or Medicare supplement insurance patients are eligible, and you must be a current patient at Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin, you must first contact us to sign up. If you are eligible, our team will send you a welcome email/text with further instructions on how to set-up your account.

To learn more or see if you’re eligible, please fill out our contact form and say “I want to learn more about Chronic Care Management” and we will contact you.


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