[VIDEO] How to Register for the Patient Portal

28 Mar 2020 Newsroom

If you’re a patient of the Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin, you’re eligible to sign up for our free online Patient Portal. Signing up for the Patient Portal gives patients direct access to their medications, test results, and bill payments, as well as the ability to send a direct message to their cardiologist.

In order to register, you must first contact our office at (920)886-9380 and ask to sign up for the Patient Portal. We will need to know your:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address

Once we’ve taken your information, we will enter it into our system, and you will receive a registration email. This process must be done manually so please allow one business day for the email.

For the fastest confirmation, please call during our open business hours; however, someone will be available to take your information 24/7.

Once you’ve received the registration email, click the link inside and complete the registration process. If you have any questions, please use the video above or call us any time using the number above as well.

A few helpful hints to keep in mind when signing up for the portal:

  • Each patient must have their own email to establish your portal.   For example, husbands and wives who share an email will need to create a second email address if they both would like to have a patient portal account.
  • The email you receive will come from “postmaster.hvi” and the link is “Open Registration Wizard”
  • The link we send you to establish the portal is only valid for 30 days.  After 30 days the portal invitation link is expired and will no longer work
  • After setting up your portal account, you will receive another an e-mail confirming that the portal has been activated and shows your username. It includes a link to take you to the Portal home page.

Some other helpful information to keep in mind when using the portal:

  • Office notes are not posted to the portal.
  • When imaging/testing is signed off by a physician the report is then uploaded to the GEMMS chart. 10 days after the physician sign off date the report is viewable on the portal.
  • Lab test results are viewable on portal 10 days after “Date returned” by the physician who reviews them.
  • Labs and imaging not performed at HVIW will never be viewable on the HVIW portal.
  • There is a “Medications” tab in the portal. Patients cannot request refills from this tab. They CAN send a message under the “Message” tab with a request for refill.
  • The only medications listed are ones prescribed by Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin providers.


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